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Notice about the Fifth Batch of Students to Taiwan Exchange Study
2015-10-9 16:33:20
Each relevant college:

 In order to strengthen personnel training and cooperation between colleges and universities on both sides of the Taiwan straits started communication.According to the Jilin agricultural university and Taiwan university student exchange program management regulations (implementation) (JilinNong characters [2013] no.132), now from the part of undergraduate, the excellent students about the exchange of learning in colleges and universities in Taiwan, the specific  work order as below

1.       The range of selecting exchange student

This selection is in full-time undergraduate students of Jilin agricultural university, the fifth semester. Communication study time for March 2016-July 2016, the college and professional in the following table (table does not contain the academy, the sixth semester students dont arrange to Taiwan exchange) :

Serial Number


Schools to Taiwan


Food Engineering College

Pingtung University of Science and Technology


Agriculture College

Pingtung University of Science and Technology


Resources and Environment College

Pingtung University of Science and Technology


Animal Science and Technology College

Pingtung University of Science and Technology


Traditional China Medicine

Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology


Information Technology

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology


Humanities College

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Central China University

Asian University


Economic management college

Asian University

Central China University


Engineering and Technology College

The Founding of the University of Science and Technology


Horticulture College

Chaoyang University of Technology


Foreign Languages College

Asian University

2.       Students Conditions

    Love the motherland, support policy of one country, two systems, thought positive progress,there is no any disciplinary action, physical and mental health, has the good comprehensive quality.

    Good learning attitude and learning results. Asked the students to visit Taiwan exchange course exam before one-time qualified (not rebuilt, make-up examination), in principle, the grade average in more than 70 (including 70).

    Has a certain economic conditions, it can pay to Taiwan learn related fees

3.       Application and selection

A unified organization, voluntary application, college, school audit execution way

    Sign up

Sign up to the college students, colleges according to the conditions and the specific situation of the professional to Taiwan for exchange students, to enroll students in primary and will recommend student enrolment summary table (attachment 4) submitted to the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exchanges and cooperation in the office to email (electronic version)


     Schools in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students exchange project leading group of the college students to review and determine the final list to Taiwan for exchange students.

    Application materials

personal resume in detail

Personal communication project application form

Student transcripts(from the beginning of the admission day, shall be submitted after the department stamp)

Student ID card, ID card(color, on a piece of paper on both sides), hukou ben(all pages with words)

White 2 inch ID photo(photo cant keep out eyebrows, eyes, ears)

Exchange information, the exchange students notice signed by the student and parents, as parents in the other place, can autograph after the first scan to print. If the parents sign, once thorough check, immediately disqualified from Taiwan

The above materials need to submit print and electronic versions


Colleges to submit the summary list deadline: on October 30, 2015

4.       Measures for the management of teaching

To ensure the existing school teaching order, and fully guarantee to Taiwan exchange student rights and interests, take the following measures in the teaching management

    To Taiwan for exchange students must complete the college of exchange programs listed in the course, on this basis, the students can customize other courses.

    Each major existing unable to exchange and must be completed, a required course students returned with the next grade. At the same time, if the student during the period of Taiwan didnt finish the plan calls for the course or study result is unqualified, shall be deemed the correspondingcourses in our school, the students come back after repair should be carried out corresponding to the course of our school.

    Jilin agricultural university students according to the content of teaching, production practiceand internship requirements, to complete relevant internship during to Taiwan. To submit the requirement before the start of the internship, to the college internship program, can according to the plan after the approval of the audit practice; After the internship, to the school to submit the internship report or thesis,  with the approval of the department audit, by the school to give credit.

    Switching scheme according to the course, student will gain success in Taiwan as our school and the exchange of course grade. Students in this enjoy treatment equal to other students. Student in the exchange program curriculum elective course, into the diathesis developing course in our school management, school admitted its credit

5 The fee

  Exchange students chargeable

  Exchange students are required to pay normal Jilin agricultural university tuition fees

  Students to Taiwan for the required fees. (2000yuan)

  Students in Taiwan have to deal with related insurance costs. (3000yuan)

  Students in Taiwan exchange needed for Taiwan university registration fee, accommodation, travel and subsistence back and forth.(about 2.7-30000yuan)


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